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Our house has always been full of animals. At the beginning there were fish and turtle, then the bunny "Baks" came to the family. Over time, everything became more serious, children become youth, and then German Ax-Shepherd joined us. Our love bitch lived to a beautiful old age ... leaving she closed certain stages in our lives,
which will never go out.


Our Axa, always with us everywhere, Collector of leaky balls, always ready to go for a walk and more willingly on an expedition, Often mischievous, you had trouble with a lawn mower and with a snowman who couldn't stop the day. That you are already behind us, bringing only the deaf echo of barking dogs in the area. Still memories of you are stages in our lives that are preserved in us and in hundreds of photos with you Axa ...

With kittens it started differently than with our previous animal friends. For some time I was going to shows of pure-bred cats, of course I wanted to come home first with a kitty, but I thought about this decision first. After observing other breeds of cats and seeking knowledge, I was most enchanted by the breed

Siberian-Neva Masquerade, which conquered my heart with blue eyes and an extremely friendly character. I decided to learn more about her, read various articles and watched kittens in various kennels. After leaving for the next show, the decision was made to have such a beautiful kitten with blue eyes. After a long reflection, I decided to buy two kittens so they wouldn't get bored when I'm away from home. And so began the search for cats in Poland. My little dream came true in March 2010, Karmen came to our house and Bajka two weeks later.

These are my two most beautiful and beloved females.



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