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There are no kittens without a pedigree in Koci Gaj * PL


All kittens leaving the family home at least 13-14 weeks old. When leaving the family thresholds, the kittens are healthy, taught cleanliness, dewormed and vaccinated twice, and are used to caressing;)


Our kittens and their new carers take to their new homes: FPL pedigree, health book or passport, ROYAL CANIN and ANIMONDA layette, and kittens care guide.


Payment of a deposit I reserve a kitten, in case of resignation from the toddler, he is not returned.


With each new guardian, Koci Gaj * PL signs an individual contract, at the same time providing the necessary information about the kittens' nutrition and nutrition, and providing support at any time of life for a cat from Koci Gaj * PL cattery


The price of kittens intended "no breeder" is 3500 - 4000 PLN.

The conditions and price of kittens intended for breeding as well as those sold abroad are always set individually. Deposit for ALWAYS 1/3 of the price of a Cat.

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